Student Printing

Each AUIS Computer lab or Computer classroom has been equipped with a printer where students can print their works using the computers provided in that lab or classroom. This service is a paid one and is charged across all computer classrooms, rates vary depending paper size, type and number of pages.

IT Department uses PaperCut Print Manaement System to provide printing service on Campus. Therefore, once you send a print job to any printer, PaperCut will deduct the amount from your balance.

Vouchers are purchased through AUIS Copy Centre (Book Store) to top up your printing accounts. These vourchers cost $4 or 5000IQD alternatively. Once you purchase your voucher, please follow the instructions below to top up your account successfully;

Step 1: Login to your printing account via

Step 2: Click on "Redeem Card" link shown on your left hand side of the screen

Step 3: Enter the voucher number on the card into the "Card Number" field and click the "Redeem Card" button.

You should get a confirmation message on the screen informing you of a successfull top up. To make sure your account is topped up with the approriate amount you can always go back to the "Summary" section and check your current Balance.

If you are facing any problems topping up your printing account, please stop by our IT Help Desks for assitance or Email Us.